Questions and answers about the tests in the practices

At which BCRT clinics will testing for coronavirus be conducted?

Only at the BCRT main clinic, located at Friedrichstraße 134 in Berlin Mitte, said tests are offered.

Which coronatests are performed in the main clinic of the BCRT?

Antibody tests (blood) to detect an already passed disease. PCR swab tests (throat) to exclude a current disease.

What is the cost of the tests?

The antibody test costs 82 €.
The PCR test costs 95 € ; if a medical certificate is also required, an additional 18 € will be charged.

How long does it take to get the result?

The results of the antibody tests are available on average on the same day (for rapid test) or after 5-7 business days (for test in laboratory).
The results of the PCR tests are usually available max. 48 hours after receipt of the samples in the laboratory. Please note that the evaluation can fluctuate if the laboratories are busy. We have no way to speed up processing.

What are the times on the findings?

On the findings of the PCR tests, there are both the time of receipt in the laboratory and the time of the finding.

How many days in advance do I need to take the test for my certificate to be valid in country XY?

Please understand that we do not always have the rapidly changing regulations up to date. Please inform yourself at the Foreign Office or the embassies of your destination country.

Is the PCR test an RT-PCR test?

Yes, the RT-PCR will be performed. However, the type of test is not on the laboratory report. If it is mandatory, you will need an additional medical certificate (18 €)

In which language are the certificates written?

Both the antibody tests and the PCR dipstick tests include certificates in German and English.

Are tests available on Saturday?

Antibody tests are available at any time during office hours.
PCR stub tests can be performed Saturday, but forwarding to the laboratory does not occur until the following Monday. Time to results will be extended accordingly.

For more general information, please see our Corona Testing page

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