Vaccinations against COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccinations for Companies

We offer companies the vaccinations of their employees within the scope of company medical services! For this purpose, a written cost assumption must be available as a contractual basis.
If you are interested and to make an appointment, please contact us at:

  • 030 – 960 60 940

We ask that employees bring the documents (see right side) to the vaccination already prepared, if possible.

Please note that this offer can only be made in the main clinic in Berlin Mitte, Friedrichstraße 134. Further information about this practice can be found here .

Currently we only have the mRNA vaccine from Moderna in stock.

COVID-19 Vaccinations for All

In Berlin Mitte, in Berlin Steglitz, in Frankfurt, in Hamburg, in Cologne, in Munich, in Stuttgart and in Wiesbaden we also offer COVID-19 vaccinations for the general population1. However, only a limited amount of vaccine is available for this purpose. Therefore, please call us prior your visit:

  • 030 – 960 60 940

We ask you to bring the documents of the corresponding vaccine (see right) already prepared to the vaccination.

We currently using the mRNA vaccine from BioNTech, as well as the vector vaccine from AstraZeneca. The available vaccines may vary, depending on the travel clinic.

1 This applies only to persons with habitual residence/domicile in Germany or those who have health insurance in Germany.

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