Parasitological Consultation

The increase in international traffic and trade caused by globalisation has the worldwide effect of the spreading of undesirable medical “holiday souvenirs” or “package intruders” such as bedbugs, mosquitoes, fleas, lice, mites and ticks as well as cockroaches and ants.

Many of these small animals, which may come from Europe or overseas, are also able to adapt to comditions in Germany, with significant medical consequencea for humans.

In our parasitological consultations you can have samples examined by our expert.
For this we offer you:

  • An exact diagnostic examination with the goal of developing an appropriate and successful strategy for combating harmful pests
  • Individual advice on successful therapy.
  • Detailed evaluation certificates

House calls, if desired.

The following prices are charged for these services:

Comprehensive consultation (depending on duration) from € 20.11 to € 30.60
Visual diagnosis of animal material from € 16.32
Microscopic examination from € 9.09
Symptom-related examination € 10.72
Evaluation of photos (including by email) € 17.43
On-site appointments if desired (per hour) € 65.28

Feel free to bring your samples to the pests consultation (Wednesday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.) in our travel practice in Berlin.

Alternatively, you can send the samples by post. You can also come in person to submit the samples during the opening hours of the travel practice in Berlin-Mitte.

If you send in your samples or submit them for examination, we would ask you to download our Parasites data sheet, to print it out, to fill it in and to enclose it with the sample.

The samples should be packed in a closed box, jar or foil bags.

In every case, you will receive a written report with recommendations on how to act.

BCRT - Berliner Centrum für Reise- und Tropenmedizin ist eine Firmierung der Praxis Prof. Dr. Jelinek an den jeweiligen Standorten der Reisepraxen. Der Behandlungsvertrag kommt ausschliesslich mit Prof. Dr. Jelinek zustande.