Bio Sketch Prof. Dr. Tomas Jelinek

Tomas Jelinek was born in 1966. He is the medical director of the Berlin Centre for Travel & Tropical Medicine ( and the scientific director of the Centre for Travel Medicine in Düsseldorf (, both in Germany. He has been acting as consulting physician to the Berlin Armed Forces Hospital 2004-2017 and as physician to the airports of Berlin 2006-2011.

He holds a lectureship at the Institute of Microbiology and Hygiene, University of Cologne, Germany. He has been appointed Consulting Expert to WHO on travel medicine in 2009.

Tomas Jelinek studied medicine and philosophy at the University of Frankfurt am Main and graduated in 1993. He continued his medical training at the Department of Infectious Diseases & Tropical Medicine of the University of Munich and was board certified for Internal Medicine in 2000, for Tropical Medicine in 2001, and for Infectious Diseases in 2003. He holds diplomas in Travel Medicine (1998), Mountain Medicine (2018) and Expedition Medicine (2021).

He founded TropNetEurop, the European Network on the Surveillance of Imported Infectious Diseases in 1998 and co-ordinated the network until 2010. His research activities were initially focussed on malaria drug resistance including several missions to endemic areas. Later he conducted epidemiological research on imported infectious diseases in Europe and was the first to unite clinical sites in Europe in a research-oriented network. In recent years, he has been concentrating on studies with vaccine-related and immunological background.

His professional international experience includes work in Brazil, PR China, UK, India, Kenya, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Malawi, Portugal, South Africa, Uganda, and the USA.

His published work includes 159 original papers, 71 reviews, and 70 books or book chapters.

Expedition background
  • Mountaineering (examples of successful summits):
    Mt. Vinson 01/2020, Everest North side 05/2019, Manaslu 09/2017, Illimani, Sajama, Huyana Potosi, Peceno Alpamayo, all 06/2017, Denali 06/2016, Aconcagua traverse 01/2014, Carstensz Pyramid 08/2014, Elbrus traverse 07/2014, Mt. Blanc 07/2014, Mt. Paradiso 07/2014, Stok Kangri 07/2011, Stok Chamser 08/2013, Kilimanjaro 2012 and Mt. Kinabalu , various peaks in the Alpes.
  • Trekking & Skiing:
    Dientes Circuit Chile, Dolpo (Nepal), Zanskar & Ladakh (India), Nordkalottleden. Kungsledden and Sarek in Sweden, Disko Island and Schweitzerland Alps in Greenland, various treks in Iceland
  • Sailing:
    Antarctic Peninsula, circumnavigation Spitzbergen
  • Trail running with regular races
    e.g. Yukon Arctic Ultra, Trans Alpine Run, UTMB, Eiger Ultra, Zugspitz Ultra, Namib Desert Challenge, Swiss Iron Ultra

BCRT - Berliner Centrum für Reise- und Tropenmedizin ist eine Firmierung der Praxis Prof. Dr. Jelinek an den jeweiligen Standorten der Reisepraxen. Der Behandlungsvertrag kommt ausschliesslich mit Prof. Dr. Jelinek zustande.