G35 fitness for the tropics

If employees are send abroad, German law prescribes a medical examination and advice on prophylaxis measures (regulation G35).

G35 refers to:
Professional stays abroad under particular climate-related and health-related strains.

In professions with particular requirements (e. g. working at sea or at heights) the employers’ liability insurance associations also require an examination to determine physical suitability. We will be happy to carry these out for you.

Pre-travel examination

German law requires that employers should offer their employees the possibility of a standardised medical examination and advise on prophylaxis prior to any work-related stay abroad. This examination hast to be done by an a specially accredited Doctor. It focusses on particular climate-related and health related strains on the body, as well as Information on medical support at the place of work, specific information on malaria prophylaxis and on vaccinations. Under specific conditions, depending on the location and kind of work (e.g. in the event of particularly poor medical support, a constantly changing place of work, or particular professional strain) a medical examination is necessary irrespective of the duration of the stay abroad, even for short term stays. In case on an additional work-related stay abroad within one year, it is not necessary to carry out another complete examination. However, medical advice remains necessary.

Post-travel examination

A medical examination post-travel is required in following cases:
  • after several weeks of illness or bodily impairment which give rise to health concerns
  • according to doctors’ discretion, in individual cases (e.g. in the event of health concerns for a particular period)
  • if a transfer has been made into a country with a considerably different level of risks
  • at the wish of an employee who suspects a causal relation between his illness and his occupation at the workplace

Regulation 35 is imposing an obligation for every company to have its employees examined before they have to travel abroad. These examinations are designed to advise people who plan to work abroad and to determine whether there are any health concerns. The post-travel examination has the goal of identifying diseases at an early stage. A post-travel examination has to be carried no later than after the end of a stay abroad that was longer than ohne year. If a company does not observe the legal requirementsof the employers’ liability insurance associations (Regulation 35), this may entail legal and financial consequences. The employers’ liability insurance associations can make use of their right to force the implementation of Regulation 35. If an employee who was not offered an examination becomes ill, the company can be asked to cover all costs and can also be fin.

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