Certificate for COVID-19 Vaccination

In some countries the certificate of the COVID-19 vaccinations in the vaccination card is no longer sufficient. Instead, a medical Corona vaccination certificate is required. This can be issued upon presentation of the vaccination card or the written vaccination confirmation in all our travel practices. This is a paper certificate in four languages (English, French, German and Spanish).

Digital vaccination certificate

Please note: the digital vaccination certificate on the smartphone (= QR code, which can be displayed in the COVPass App or Corona WarnApp) can currently not yet be issued by private practices, as this is not yet provided by the developers.

Thus, we are not able to offer you one as of yet. However, you can get one free of charge in almost all pharmacies.

BCRT - Berliner Centrum für Reise- und Tropenmedizin ist eine Firmierung der Praxis Prof. Dr. Jelinek an den jeweiligen Standorten der Reisepraxen. Der Behandlungsvertrag kommt ausschliesslich mit Prof. Dr. Jelinek zustande.